Making an Informed Investing Decision

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Investing in the future and in companies that are changing the world is exciting and very opportunistic, but also poses significant uncertainty. In order to mitigate your risk, it is critical to do your homework before investing.

Loxley’s Screening Process

Before allowing a company to raise capital, Loxley conducts a comprehensive review of the company’s management team, overall business strategy, finances and risk factors. This review is completed by internal and external industry experts, chartered accountants, chartered financial analysts and professional investors.

Campaign Profile

All companies showcase their investment opportunity under the Investment Opportunities section. A short video is used to introduce the company’s product or service to potential investors. The campaign overview provides a summary of the company, its market, how it makes money, the use of the funds from this raise and the strategy to produce a return for investors. The campaign profile also provides an introduction to the company’s management team and their related experience.

Company Offering Document

All companies will provide an offering document or term sheet to raise capital through Loxley. The offering document will provide a greater amount of detail about the company and its investment opportunity beyond what is included in the campaign overview. More specifically, it includes information about the company’s short and long term goals, the securities being offered, the potential risk factors and  the rights given to investors.

Attending Events

Companies will typically host events throughout their campaign to give potential investors an opportunity to meet the team. Companies will typically pitch their business, similar to what you see on Dragons Den, and then open the floor up for questions. This is a great opportunity for you to become your own version of a ‘Dragon’ and assess the management team. Subscribe to the Loxley Newsletter to be the first to know about upcoming pitch events.

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