What is Our Mission?

We serve every Canadian who seeks greater knowledge and understanding of their finances. We work to provide all Canadians with relevant, professional, accurate financial advice on any and all financial topics that concern them. Our client experience creates clarity and empowerment.

We’re proud to be different from the rest of the industry.

We choose to partner with dynamic Canadian financial professionals who are dedicated to educating the Canadian public and creating financial literacy with out direct financial gain for themselves. Our mission is to help Main street Canadians understand and navigate the financial aspects of their lives with out bias, sales pitches or hidden agendas. In doing this, we give back to the society that has provided us with so much. Hopefully we can make people’s lives a little better and help them rest a little easier after gaining insight and understanding on the financial topics that are keeping them up at night.

Our drive is to create a platform where Mainstreet Canadians can go to get all their finance related questions answered by qualified professionals who are only interested helping provide financial literacy from a Canadian point of view.

No sales pitches, no biases, no bulls#$t.

It is this commitment that helps us grow and build lasting relationships .

We are

Loxley is a group of financial professionals from various disciplines dedicated to providing financial advice to Canadians. All the professionals that provide advice through Loxley are volunteers and expect nothing in return.

We Serve

Canadians that are tired of getting a sales pitch every time they ask a finance professional advice, that are tired of being sold proprietary products that benefit the sales person more than the customer, that just want an honest answer for a change.

We Offer

Free unbiased financial advice from a Canadian perspective. All our professionals are highly trained and active in their niche in the finance industry. They happily provide their expertise to help encourage financial literacy in Canada.

Loxley is an online platform dedicated to helping Canadians build their wealth responsibly by offering professional financial advice.

it is our mission to enable, empower and educate our clients to make strong financial decisions.

Loxley is confident in the advice provided by our financial professionals.

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