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What is Our Mission?

We serve the Canadian investor who seeks greater knowledge and understanding of their investments. We work with our clients to find innovative, private investment opportunities that are right for them. Our client experience creates clarity and empowerment. We’re proud to be different from the rest of the industry.
We choose to partner with dynamic Canadian Companies with solid growth potential. In doing this, we help Loxley achieve sustainable revenue growth and increased client loyalty, which contributes to Loxley Financial’s stability and our ability to serve the Private Capital Marketplace.
Our drive to create win-win relationships is how we build our business. It is this commitment that helps us grow and build lasting relationships with clients, partners and investment providers.


Loxley, One of the First Private Capital Investment Banks
What makes Loxley different is that we are a full-service online platform for Private Capital Investments that is open to the public. We take the best parts of Private Capital (connections, research, deal flow, mentoring) and combine it with the best aspects of Equity Crowdfunding (open access, ease of use, diversification) and Investment Banking to give investors the best of both worlds.
Gone are the days when you needed a personal invitation from a friend just for the chance to risk $100,000, at a minimum, on a single deal. Loxley has turned that model on its head. We match startups seeking capital with investors looking to invest as little as $1000. We offer investment opportunities through Loxley, as a registered Exempt Market Dealer offering both primary and secondary investment opportunities.
We have been involved in Private Capital Investment since 2015, and in that time have offered many successful investment opportunities and facilitated millions of dollars in transactions. Our team is experienced and well respected in private capital circles; we have successful startup investing experience and several exits.
Customer Service
We want to help in any way we can to educate you on startup investing. In fact, we love helping investors so much, our phone number is on the site. It actually works – call it and one of our Investor Relations Associates will pick up and talk to you about anything you want.
The Loxley platform provides a unique investment experience. Offering  Exempt Market investment opportunities, which in the past have ranged from seed stage to later stage companies.
Traditional early stage venture investing
Investing in young companies has been limited to angel investors, venture capital firms and wealthy individuals. These investors represent only a fraction of the larger investor community who are excited and have the financial means to participate in growing new companies.
The wider investor community needs a more versatile capital market, supported by innovative technology, in order to participate more fully in the growth of new companies.
The new Private Capital Market
We use today’s technology to enable entrepreneurs to raise money from a much larger investor community.
This is an opportunity for seasoned investors and the wider public to come together to directly drive innovation and entrepreneurship. With Loxley, both experienced and regular investors can exercise positive influence on businesses they would like to see succeed.