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We believe that much of our successes and accomplishments to date are a result of our unique culture and values which we stand by: integrity, persistence, teamwork, excellence, and creativity. We put our clients’ interests above everything else to ensure that we earn their business not only at the beginning of the relationship but throughout every stage of it as well.

Corporate Finance

Loxley Financial is a corporate finance firm which specializes in securing capital for leading growth enterprises. We focus on private entities which need capital to maximize their business activities. Using our firm’s track record and expertise, our sole objective is to secure value-add transactions for the investors and companies we represent.

• Technology
• Clean Tech
• Life Sciences
• Consumer Products
• Infrastructure and Real Estate
• Energy and Resources

Equity Products
• Preferred Shares
• Equity Related Offerings
• Safes (Simple Agreement for Future Equity)
• Share Buy-Back
• Trust and Royalties

Debt Products
• Corporate Debentures
• Project Financing
• Convertible Debt
• High Yield Debt
• CAPEX Funding

Business and Strategic Planning

The key to building a successful company is a function of having a bold vision, a comprehensive strategy, and a methodical implementation. At Loxley, we have found that the latter truly breeds companies of excellence. Most companies have difficulty explaining their vision, or lack a clear strategic plan to meet their goals. Without a concise vision and strategy, it is difficult for these companies to create a business plan that can convince potential investors on the value of investing in their business. This leads to an underfunded and under-performing organization.
Loxley Financial Inc. helps business owners by working with you directly to develop comprehensive business plans and strategies. If you are currently seeking capital and require a business plan for your organization, Loxley has a comprehensive solution. Our services include the preparation of a concise business plan and financial projections, as well as the creation of any key documents such as corporate presentations and marketing material. If you currently have a business plan in place, we can also review your current business plan and advise you on how to improve your plan so that it is more concise to investors.
If you require advisory services on Strategy or Business Plan, our senior team can help you identify long term strategies for your organization and develop a step by step solution on how to meet those objectives.

Industry and Market Analysis

Inadequately conducting a comprehensive market analysis causes many organizations to under-commit resources or overestimate opportunities when pursuing strategic goals of the organization. Loxley provides comprehensive market, product and competitive research to provide you with a detailed outlook on your particular market. Through the outcome of this process, we provide you with key insights into your company’s strengths and weaknesses but also the opportunities or threats which you face. The overall result is your company’s ability to tailor your products and services to more closely match your target market. At Loxley, we have a cost-effective team of experts that can help support your management team on strategy, vision, and implementation. Loxley uses a three step process to market research:

1. Data Collection
We will use our customized methodologies to accumulate data on your market. These methods include qualitative interviews with key stake holders, and information gathering through phone, email and online analysis, by our analysts

2. Data Analysis and Forecasts
We will use our own proprietary models and techniques to analyze the data, once it has been aggregated. Through our analysis, we will create realistic projections and forecasts for your company, provide feedback on your position in the market relative to your competitors, as well as identify any threats or opportunities that are applicable to your strategy.

3. Reporting and Recommendations
We will create formal reports and plans which will present our key findings as they relate to market, economic, and statistical data which we have aggregated. These reports will also provide your team with the detailed analysis that you require to develop and implement your strategy.


Valuation and Fairness Opinion

Businesses of all size, whether they are a small business, a private company, or a large multinational, require a professional opinion of value due to various situations that arise. At Optimize Capital Markets, we have an experienced team that can provide you with accurate and unbiased conclusions on your firms’ value or transaction. We emphasize timeliness and affordability for all of our clients, while focusing on delivering a high quality and valuable opinion. Our team works on a confidential basis with management, business owners, and shareholders to assist them on

Mergers and Acquisitions

We advise and execute on the purchase, sale, and merger of private companies. Our approach focuses on optimizing both the terms and the capital structure of every corporate transaction we handle. Through our team of specialists we are known for our strategic advice. unique

Strategic Advice

Projections and analysis examine anticipated outcomes, market conditions, and the success of related transactions. A company’s balance sheet, legal structure, equity and operational strength are all factored in when recommending the optimal transaction structure.

Unique Approach

Potential transaction participants are proactively approached and vetted based on suitability, strong fit, due diligence and potential for operational efficiency. We act as the liaison for all requests by participants from initial through to final negotiations of any transaction.

Decisive Action

We take the lead role in finalizing every transaction on behalf of our corporate clients and investors. Prior to any transaction, all forms of structuring the purchase, sale or expansion are analyzed. We provide integration recommendations for related participants on every deal.

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