We believe that much of our successes and accomplishments to date are a result of our unique culture and values which we stand by: integrity, persistence, teamwork, excellence, and creativity. We put our clients’ interests above everything else to ensure that we earn their business not only at the beginning of the relationship but throughout every stage of it as well.

Our Story

We originally started Loxley because we saw both a need and an opportunity for a better Private Capital investment experience for Canadians.

As wealth and investment management professionals serving clients at various financial institutions – and managing our own families’ investments – we grew frustrated with the inherent flaws we saw in the traditional industry models. Institutions putting their interests ahead of their clients. Putting an emphasis on sales over service. Volatile returns that were dependent on stocks and bonds.

As far as we could see, no provider was meeting the needs of their clients for unbiased, independent advice; access to top investment managers; access to quality private investments; transparent reporting, and holistic planning services.

What was missing was the client’s perspective.

So we designed a business model that put our client’s interests first and built our firm from the ground up.

 Loxley provides a home for people that want greater control of their investments and customized solutions to their challenges and opportunities.

Why Loxley?

Most people start out buying an investment portfolio of mutual funds, ETFs and maybe a few stocks and bonds

As you gain more wealth, more sophisticated investment options are available.

Enter the world of high-net-worth investors. These investors sit higher up the hierarchy, which means they benefit from: access to unique, alternative investments; specialist money managers generally not available to the investing public; a truly professional investment process, and oversight and governance provided by an Investment Committee. This is how the ‘Smart Money’ invests – and it’s one reason more dependable returns and less volatility are available to them.

Fortunately these advantages are also available to you through Loxley Financial.

As a Private Capital Market Broker (EMD) registered with the BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan Securities Commissions, Loxley meets all regulatory requirements necessary to advise on, underwrite and broker, Private Capital Investments.

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