The Loxley Advantage

Private capital has often been called the “jet fuel” of entrepreneurship, significantly accelerating the paths of select high-growth potential companies. The role of Loxley Financial Inc. goes far beyond funding — it includes strategic guidance for young entrepreneurs and access to an elite network of other successful business leaders.

How We Help

Support Team

Our Corporate Finance team is available every step of the way. Reach us online through live chat, give us a call at 1 800 807-5801 or send us an email:


Loxley is an Exempt Market Dealer, which means we are directly overseen by the securities regulators in Canada.

Company Analysis

Loxley conducts extensive due diligence on each company’s business, management team and offering, to provide investors with the relevant information necessary to make informed investment decisions.

Private Capital is a continually evolving space. We started raising capital for startups in 2015. Since then we have made over 100 investments and raised over $100M. We have led investment rounds and have had successful exits in both early and late stage investment opportunities.
Loxley is a registered Exempt Market dealer. Our Investor Relations Team works with all investors and can discuss and advise 0n investing in startups, and online investment opportunities.
Funding Portal
Loxley has a funding portal specializing in Prospectus Exempt Securties. By fusing customer service and technology, we are able to provide a high touch investment experience for investors.
Customer Service
We want to help in any way we can to educate you on startup investing. In fact, we love helping investors so much, our phone number is on the site. It actually works – call it and one of our Investor Relations Associates will pick up and talk to you about anything you want.
The Loxley platform provides a unique investment experience. Offering Private Capital investment opportunities, which in the past have ranged from seed stage to later stage companies.

• Expert Mentoring
• Increased access to capital
• Guidance of securities law
• Automated legal documents
• Simple pricing structure
• Professional experienced team

Why work with an EMD?
Owner–operated companies, established private and public companies, and companies with requirements beyond bank, credit or ‘friends and family’ financing will value the expertise of an Exempt Market Dealer (EMD).

Legal Protection                                                                                                                                                              In Canada, the Provincial Securities Commissions register dealers and prescribe compliance and regulatory standards for an EMD to conduct their securities dealer services with clients.

Peace of Mind
By ensuring your financial experts are registered as an EMD, you can trust they are appropriately regulated and managed by securities professionals who adhere to a high standard of compliance and client service. EMDs are accountable for their compliance practices and acting in good faith and in the best interests of their clients.

EMDs pass a series of exams to ensure proficiency. In addition, compliance rules are in place to ensure that a strict code of conduct and proper client processes are followed to ensure fair and transparent service. Also, EMDs must file audited financial statements, and maintain minimum levels of capital and insurance.

Best Practices Ensured
The conduct of the EMD is set by regulation and the EMD must earn a license. EMDs are subject to proficiency, capital and operational requirements. EMDs are required by law to have audited financial statements, a minimum of $50,000 working capital, and periodic statements to clients if there are transactions undertaken on their behalf, as well as insurance in place to cover a wide range of client issues.

Broader Capabilities
The EMD offers a pool of sophisticated investors and minimizes many of the complicated and expensive requirements of the public equity markets. EMDs are experts in the purchase and sale of exempt market securities and often specialize in raising capital in particular industries: real estate, construction, mining, oil & gas, food technology, biotechnology, manufacturing, etc. EMDs are able to offer clients a far wider range of financial opportunities than a financial adviser doing M&A or sale of companies.

Dispute Resolution Mechanism
If there is an issue with the financial adviser, there is an independent dispute resolution option available. This ensures that any client complaints are resolved by independent industry experts focused on a win/win solution.

Learn More
If you would like to learn more, we are happy to explain the process in more detail. We can also discuss companies that we currently have direct access to and let you know market pricing trends for companies you are interested in. To find out more, please complete the contact form below, and we will be in touch with you shortly.