We believe that  our success and accomplishments to date are a result of our unique culture and values which we stand by: integrity, persistence, teamwork, excellence, and creativity. Our entire focus is providing  our clients with professional financial advice.

No Bias. No Bulls@#t. 

Our Story

We originally started Loxley because we saw both a need and an opportunity to provide professional financial advice to Canadians without bias or bulls@#t.

As financial and investment management professionals serving clients at various financial institutions – and managing our own families’ investments – we grew frustrated with the inherent flaws we saw in the traditional financial education offered (not offered) in school. Any advice the average Canadian does find is biased or intended to market a proprietary product to the person asking the questions.  Institutions putting their interests ahead of their clients. Putting an emphasis on sales over service. 

As far as we could see, very few providers were meeting the needs of their clients for unbiased, independent advice; access to top investment managers; access to quality, non-proprietary investments; transparent reporting, and holistic planning services.

What was missing was the client’s perspective.

So we designed a platform whose purpose is 100% to answer your finance related questions without an ulterior motive, and with no expectation of financial gain on our part. The gain is all yours. 

 Loxley provides a home for people that want greater control of their financial decisions and unbiased solutions to their challenges and opportunities.

Why Loxley?

At Loxley our goal is to educate Canadians about money. Its not to make money off the people we educate. All inquiries sent to us are answered by a financial professional who is an expert in their field. We don’t charge anything for the service. Our mission is to give back in the one way we are uniquely equipped, by providing unbiased financial advice to Canadians. Whether you want to discuss the difference between floating or locked in mortgages or you want to discuss the pros and cons of life insurance we have an expert that is eager to answer your questions. The thing that makes our experts special is that we aren’t trying to sell you anything. Which means you get the right advice for you, every time.

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