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Know your plan types

There are two broad categories of plan types in Canada: registered (that is, tax-advantaged) and non-registered. Within these groups are a number of important accounts that can help you achieve your financial goals. Registered plans Registered Retirement Savings Plan (“RRSP”) The RRSP is the core retirement savings account. As of 2017, you can contribute 18% […]

Domo arigato, Mr. Roboto! (Robo advisors)

We’re hearing a lot about robo advisors these days. Are they right for you? The financial services industry is no stranger to developing new products and innovations. Years ago, it was different types of stocks and bonds, then mutual funds were launched. More recently, exchange-traded funds (“ETFs”) that mimic indexes were launched. These days, robo […]

Equifax Hack: What You Need to Know & Do

What We Know From mid-May through July, ~100,000 Canadians may have had their personal data compromised. The kind of personal information that was breached include: Names Addresses Social Insurance Number (SIN) Credit Card Numbers                                               […]

Estate Planning: How We Can Help You Transfer Your Values Alongside Your Wealth

There’s this lingering myth of “old money families” where wealth is easily passed from generation to generation. But studies have shown wealth attrition to be more common, as bad investment decisions, mismanagement and dilution of assets between heirs eats into the family fortune. Overcoming the challenges that plague wealth stewardship comes down to two core elements – […]

Good Debt Versus Bad Debt – Understanding The Gray Area

Debt is due for a rebrand. So often when we hear about debt in the news, it’s within the context of “bad debt” – households in over their heads with credit card bills and interest payments; students working three jobs to chip away at college loans; house-poor millennials saddled with mortgage payments because they tried […]

Why You Should Include Your Financial Advisor In The College Savings Discussion

As tuition costs rise and students shoulder staggering debts in order to pursue a post-secondary education that will set them up for the new economy, the conversation surrounding college planning is evolving. Parents are looking for ways to ensure their kids are supported and teenagers are starting to develop plans to set their own savings […]

RESP Or TFSA? A Primer On Saving For Your Child’s Education In Canada

It’s easy to shut out the noise about rising tuition costs when your kids are still trying to navigate the early years of grade school. But ignoring the conversation altogether does a disservice to you further down the road. In Canada, the average tuition cost for university – before the cost of books, travel and […]

Preparing For Retirement Emotionally

Retirement paves the way to a new and exciting chapter of our lives. Like popping the cork from a long-awaited champagne bottle, this is the moment of relief when, for the first time ever, we now have ample time to travel the world, take up new hobbies, and scratch whatever itch we’ve been ignoring. Yes, […]

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