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What is Loxley? Loxley is a small town in England and the former home of Robin of Loxley. AKA Robin Hood. Technically we don’t “steal from the rich and give to the poor”. However, we do help people like you understand and navigate their financial lives. 

Founded in 2020, out of the turmoil of a world wide pandemic Loxley seeks to leverage our vast knowledge and expertise to help you understand and navigate the financial issues that are keeping you up at night. Loxley is a free platform dedicated to providing professional financial advice for all Canadians. Our advisors, AKA the “Merry men (and women)”, are talented financial professionals with diverse backgrounds that volunteer their time to provide you with sound, unbiased financial advice. Loxley is dedicated to providing a free financial education for anyone who is tired of getting a sales pitch from their bank or mortgage broker every time they have a simple question. Our Merry Men (and Women) are 100% dedicated to helping all Canadians, from students trying to figure out what credit card interest is to business owners wanting to discuss a succession plan and everything in between. All the advice you receive on this site is provided by a financial industry professional. We promise no pitches, no judgement and no bulls@#t. Best of all its 100% FREE!

Our Philosophy:

Loxley is a financial literacy platform that was created to provide unbiased, professional finance advice to main street Canadians. 

7-10 Canadians are preparing for retirement.   

According to, 7-10 Canadians who are not yet retired are preparing financially for retirement. More than half of these people have no idea how much money they need to  save for retirement.

Most Canadians Don’t have a Financial Advisor.   

According to 65% of Canadians are not working with a financial advisor. At Loxley we believe that Canadians have a right to good financial advice with out being fed a sales pitch every time they ask a question and without having to worry that the person giving the advice will benefit more from the advice than they will.

All our “Merry Men (and women)” are financial professionals that specialize in various aspects of personal and corporate finance. They volunteer they’re time on Loxley in an attempt to give back to their community If they can make a meaningful connection or change someone’s life for the better, that is all the reward they need.

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